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Ep. 51: Josh Gondelman & Maris Kreizman

"Lovin' Is What I Got"

Hey! The Paper Year is back! Josh and Maris join us to chat about planning a low-stakes wedding, being an “it” internet couple, and releasing an album of songs about their adorable pug, Bizzy.

Ep. 50 1/2: CK EK Minisode

"Hot Riffs"

Evan and Caitlin do a minisode to remind you that they're still alive and that the Paper Year is not quite done.

ep. 50: Marvin Laird & Joel Paley

"Two bottles of champagne & two orders of shrimp cocktails"

EK & CK are joined by the wonderful Marvin Laird and Joel Paley for a raucous conversation from the woods of Connecticut. They discuss Evan’s lawn care abilities, the secret to collaborating with your significant other, and share some old hollywood stories. Marvin and Joel are the best!

Ep. 49: Mandy Schmieder Cummings & Jamie Cummings

"All Praises to Lord Skylon"

EK and CK are joined via Skype by the excellent Mandy and Jamie to discuss romantic friend first dates, juggling art and commerce, and interruptions from Lord Skylon.

Ep. 48: Joey Lopez & Siobhan Connolly

"Maximum Milk Intake"

Caitlin and Evan are joined by the charming Joey and Siobhan to talk about bold romantic statements, early morning routines, and the return of Evan (and Joey's!) soulmate, Pei.

Ep 47: Caitlin & Evan

"The Paper Year in Review"

Evan and Caitlin discuss their first year of marriage, resolutions vs. goals, and things they're NOT going to do in 2017.

Ep 46: Devin Clark & Rebecca MacGregor Clark

"Deciding To Keep It Crazy"

Caitlin and Evan get on the horn with Devin and Rebecca to talk about the door that opens in your brain at thirty, finding, then losing, then finding each other again, and the most exciting birth story we've ever heard.

Ep 45: Richie & Ciara Moriarty

"House of Susans"

Evan and Caitlin invite Richie and Ciara into the kitchen for a chat about having two weddings, weird cat nicknames, and well... things get a little gross. Enjoy!

EP 44: Natalie Miller & Nathan Hartswick


Evan and Caitlin Skype with Natalie and Nathan about growing up in the same town, the magic of yearbook quotes, and what it’s like to be married and run a business together.

EP 43: ERIN & Adam Miles Cloud

"Magic Johnson Has Got To Do Better"

Evan and Caitlin have a delightful Sunday night chat with Erin and Adam Cloud about monkey bread fires, how time deepens relationships, and the best couple inside joke the podcast has ever had.

Ep 42: Eileen & George Boylen

"Tea in Bed"

Caitlin and Evan have a lovely discussion with Eileen and George about getting married late in life, the practicality of love, and the importance of supporting your partner.

Ep 41: Jon DeMuth & Erin Waters

"Pepper, Pepper, Pepper!"

Caitlin and Evan take the Paper Year down the road in Brooklyn to chat with Erin and Jon about choosing baby names, their editing meet cute, and the best way to propose at the Natural History Museum.

EP. 40: Taylor Burris & Patrick Dunn

"Baby Kneecaps"

Caitlin and Evan call up their friends Taylor and Pat in CA to chat about keeping score in relationships, taking care of your babies kneecaps, and the keys to rediscovering your relationship after having your first child. Enjoy!

Ep. 39: Evan Kaufman & Caitlin Kean

"The Paper Year is Paper Here!"

Evan and Caitlin celebrate their Paper Year! They discuss anniversaries, reflect on Year One, and look to the future of their marriage.

Ep. 38: Bridget Kluger & Matt Richards

"6 Days Away!"

Evan and Caitlin sit down with their good friends Matt and Bridget to discuss their marriage, which is SIX DAYS AWAY! They chat about wedding dreams/nightmares, silly wedding fights, and the best way to address the groom when you see him outside the church. HINT: It’s “Who might you be?”

Ep 37: Ashley Ward & Nate Starkey 

"Pizza & Champagne"

Evan and Caitlin Skype with Nate Starkey and Ashley Ward about the difference between fussing and fighting, the difficulties of picking a time and place to give the “love” speech to your significant other, and how to enter a place together and leave separately.

Ep 36" Will & Shraddha Nunziata

"Part 2: Orlando Vishwa Nunziata"

Will and Shraddha are back to talk about their first born, the adorable baby model Orlando Vishwa! Caitlin and Evan chat with the Nunziatas about Mandy Patinkin, how babies change everything and reclaiming the Cars 4 Kids song.

Ep 35: Matt Fisher & Dana Marshall Fisher

"Paying Fealty To Michael Keaton"

Evan and Caitlin travel to another part of Brooklyn to chat with Matt Fisher and Dana Marshall Fisher as well as their two children Keaton and Ezra about the rules of a good pillow fight, the shame of meeting at a Billy Joel concert, and making a wish on an eyelash.

Ep 34: Marty Johnson & Pat Healy

"Have You Seen The Wine List"

Evan and Caitlin are joined by Marty Johnson and Pat Healy to discuss making out, their early email correspondence, and secret dinner codes for discreet eavesdropping. Check out Marty and Pat’s awesome comedy song album “The Yellow Whale” about parenting and much more!

EP 33: Dan & Lili Sutton Griffin

"The TODAY Show Proposal"

Evan and Caitlin are joined in the kitchen by the wonderful Dan and Lili to discuss proposing on the TODAY show, the hardest year of their marriage, and work/life/child balance.

Ep 32: Caitlin & Evan

"Labor Day Dreams"

Caitlin and Evan report from Cape Cod in the “ship room” where they discuss HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” family vacations, and the trouble with goal setting as a couple.

Ep 31: Jennie Duong & Ivan Wu

"The Origami Life"

CK and EK skype with Jennie and Ivan to discuss long distance relationships, signing contracts in Kyoto, and the crushing bureaucracy of green card marriages. Check out J+I's website:

Ep 30: Nathan McGaughey & Luke Hogan 

"Do it For the Sick Beats"

Caitlin & Evan are joined in the kitchen by the lovely and handsome Nathan and Luke to discuss the surprises and struggles of marriage, naming their dog after a famous first lady, and the revival of underappreciated musical, "Trixie True, Teen Detective!"

ep 29: Caitlin Murphy Pine & Josh Pine

"Pulp People"

CK and EK invite their doppelgängers Caitlin and Josh into the kitchen! In an alternate timeline, this is what Evan and Caitlin could have been! Josh and Caitlin chat about online dating, the right kind of orange juice, and Caitlin's conversion to Judaism!



Evan and Caitlin Skype from Brooklyn to Cape Cod to chat Costco, spending time apart, and the communication patterns we all fall victim to.

EP 27: Jessye & Dave Cotter

"AM I sweating or crying?"

Caitlin and Evan are joined in the kitchen by the wonderful Jessye and Dave Cotter to discuss the romance of the Jersey Shore, choreographed wedding dances, and the magic Dog Vacay.

EP 26: Kelsey & Chris Wharton

"The Paper-less Year"

Caitlin & Evan are joined (VIA SKYPE, you guys!) by the lovely Kelsey & Chris of the Matrimoney podcast! Kelsey and Chris fill us in on how to budget for an ideal life in Arizona, maintaining money positivity, and what it’s like to have two toddlers in a paper-less kitchen.

Ep 25: Jake Smith & Lindsay Goodman Smith

“Got Milch”

CK and EK are joined in the kitchen by Jake and Lindsay AKA Mr. and Mrs. Smith! They chat about buying real estate in New York, Clooney vs. Pitt people, and the perfect name for their new Deadwood-centric David Milch podcast.

Ep: 24 Caitlin and Evan Family Reunion

"Triple XXX"

Caitlin and Evan record another one-on-one about their recent vacation, Caitlin's family reunion, and baby/birthday/travel thoughts.

ep 23: Caitlin & Evan in paris

"je blague!"

Caitlin and Evan sit down in a kitchen, but it's not their kitchen... it's in Paris, France! They discuss how their vacation has been going, how this was the worst time to come to Paris ever, and how many chocolate croissants they've eaten.

EP 22: Jeff & Rachel Scherer

"4 Hours Against A Crate & Barrel"

Caitlin and Evan are joined in the kitchen by the wonderful Jeff and Rachel Scherer! They discuss pet names for pets, finding the perfect place in Ireland to propose, and "scrotnoculars." It's a wonderful time!

Ep 21: Ben Jaeger-Thomas & Katherine Jaeger-Thomas

"The Journey Is The Best Part"

CK and EK are joined in the kitchen by the POWERFUL Katherine Jaeger-Thomas and Ben Jaeger-Thomas to discuss respect in relationships, closing cabinets, and how you're never too old to start kick flipping.

ep 20: Erin Lowry & Joe Pechie

"Game of Loans"

Caitlin and Evan are joined in the kitchen by the wonderful Erin Lowry of "Broke Millennial" and her moon and stars Joe Pechie! Erin offers financial advice us newlyweds: questions to ask each other, how to get financially naked, and what banks we should all be using. Meanwhile Joe discusses Game of Thrones on his new podcast with Caitlin: “Pechie and Kean.”

Ep 19: Carl Limbacher & Aalya Fatoo

"Third Doctor's The Charm!"

Caitlin and Evan are joined in the kitchen by the wonderful Carl and Aalya. They discuss dating practices, sexual mores, and how to watch your partner learn and grow, like a plant or something! 

Ep 18: Dan Reitz & Annie Moor

"Three Tacos Tonight!"

Caitlin and Evan are joined in the kitchen by Dan and Annie AKA #Dannie2016 two people who got married, like, TWO WEEKS AGO! The gang chats about all-inclusive honeymoons, making Evan cry, and the importance of singing made-up songs together.

EP 17: Caitlin and Evan 6th Month Recap

"Frisky in the Streets"

Caitlin and Evan lounge in bed to recap the past six months of marriage, greet new listeners and old, play a round of “For Better of Worse” and discuss the ever-growing legend of their downstairs neighbor.

Ep 16: Jeff Ashworth & Lindsey Zelli Ashworth

"Bang Pong"

CK and EK invite their first stranger couple into the kitchen. Those strangers turn out to be the lovely Jeff and Lindsey! We discuss getting out of debt, making viral wedding videos, and Lindsey shares some brand new idioms with us that she’s created!

ep 15: Chris Duffy & Mollie West

"An idealized version of you"

Caitlin and Evan invite the lovely Chris and Mollie into their kitchen and discuss how Chris almost ruined Evan’s proposal, Mollie’s incredible night-time routine, and the earning potential of a Beyonce-inspired yogurt. 

EP 14: David Ebert & Krista Jensen

"Two Determined People"

Caitlin and Evan welcome David Ebert and Krista Jensen into the kitchen to chat about college improv teams, the stupidity of affairs, and how sometimes you have to chain up a fussy werewolf. for some awesome pins from Krista and to catch Dave perform!

Ep 13: Joe Schiappa & Brandi Kovac

"You Can't Pull This S**t at Southby"

CK and EK journey to East Harlem to the palatial estate of Joe Schiappa, Brandi Kovac, and their young son, Beckett. We get into everything from the paper work that goes into a domestic partnership to potato bodies, to Joe's 12 year-old bosses. This is a long and lovely conversation with plenty of breaks for babies. Thank you for listening!


EP. 12: Pat shay & Mary Theresa Archibald

"Sailors & Cats"

The delightful Pat Shay and Mary Theresa Archibald sit down in the kitchen with us to talk about their 12 year-old selves, the importance of trains to their sons, and the feeling of truly "Yes Anding" your marriage and relationship. Check out more of their work at:

Ep. 11: Marcia & Brian Kean

"So I Was Right!"

Caitlin and Evan travel to Boston to celebrate Easter and chat with Brian and Marcia Kean: Caitlin's parents! We learn about the love-inducing powers of chili, the proper way to communicate to your boyfriend you'd like to get married, and how Marcia is always right. Enjoy!

Ep. 10: Sean Reidy & Danielia Donahue Reidy

"Like Dating With Rings On"

CK and EK return to the kitchen to talk with the delightful Sean Reidy & Danielia Donohue Reidy about their paper year, why space is so terrifying and what Jackie Wilson is saying. Also there's a short visit from Detective Pizza!

EP. 9: Cathleen Carr, Peter Hanlon, Ronan

"Chasing The Dragon"

This week Caitlin and Evan travel to another kitchen to interview the wonderful Cathleen Carr and Peter Hanlon! They're also joined by plane and train expert Ronan who also happens to be Peter and Cathleen's child. We all chat about train pamphlets, intro tension, raising children and how marriage changes during difficult times. You'll laugh, cry, and maybe even fart into a closet!

Ep. 8: Kiley Fitzgerald

"Psychic Bernie"

This week it's a Paper Year first! We welcome Kiley Fitzgerald (Second City) to the kitchen to discuss the subject on 50% of all married couples minds: DIVORCE. Kiley breaks it down as we discuss the importance of communication, psychic teenagers, and the power of Mike's Hard Lemonade. This story is so incredible we needed almost a full two hours! Enjoy!

Ep. 7: Larry Kaufman, Mary McNeel

"Two Lost Souls"

It's a very special Valentine's Day episode of The Paper Year. Evan and Caitlin are joined in the kitchen by Larry & Mary who are a lovely couple who have been married 32 years. Plus they're Evan's parents! We discuss finding love in libraries, how marriages change (and don't change) and come up with some of the most depressing Valentine's Day cards in history. Enjoy!

Ep. 6: Sarah & Robert Peele

"Welcome to Yahoo!"

Robert and Sarah Peele join Evan and Caitlin in the kitchen to tell the MOST ROMANTIC STORY OF ALL-TIME. FOR REAL. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. THIS STORY IS CRAZY ROMANTIC. Plus we discuss genteel southern cognac swishing, naps, and THIS STORY GUYS. FOR REAL! IT'S SO GOOD!

Ep. 5: Evan & caitlin Recap

"An Anarchist Frenching the President"

Evan and Caitlin sit in the kitchen for a punchy Sunday recap! Topics include our first email, New Years regrets, and Evan's side piece: Stouffer's french bread pizza. Will Evan and Caitlin defeat Sunday ennui? Tune in to find out!

Ep. 4: Joanna Shaw Flamm & Matt Healy

"Practical Romance."

Jo and Matt join Evan and Caitlin in the kitchen to discuss surviving winter storm Jonas, what it's like to be high school sweethearts, and how your AIM screen name can set the tone for your entire life. Will we all buy into the narrative of marriage, or will we write our own stories? Tune in to the Paper Year to find out!

Ep. 3: Will & Shraddha Nunziata

"Come On, America!"

Evan and Caitlin welcome the Nunziata's (Will and Shraddha) into their kitchen to discuss their almost-here baby, the perils of online dating, and the best way to pass wind in front of your significant other.

Ep. 2: Chris Roberti & Rebecca Bull Ketchum

"The Nervous Pineapple"

Caitlin and Evan sit down with Chris Roberti and Rebecca Bull Ketchum to discuss their first 14 months of marriage, yoga, sleeping habits, the Maine Mist, giving up your dreams, and who to call when you're surrounded by wild dogs.

Ep. 1: The Paper Year Pilot - Meet Evan & Caitlin!

Welcome to "The Paper Year" – a podcast about Evan and Caitlin's first year of marriage. It's the pilot! Evan and Caitlin start "journaling the journey" (gross) together in their kitchen. Will they ever be able to explain what "The Paper Year" means, or what their shock jock DJ names should be? Will Caitlin be able to get her sweater off before she overheats? Tune in!